Hello from Saint Martin !

QSL service

QSL arrived from printing shop. I begin mailing cards. 




I tryed hard to make happy stations from Asia but opening hours were very short and after amplifier damage it was difficult task...



Returning home

SP9FIH at Paris airport



SP9FIH at CDG Airport in Paris. Rather cold as for 7th April.







How 60m QSO were made last night


Two hours took me to tune right length of radial to match my provisional extention of 40m vertical (yellow wire on photo). It worked well but no many callers. Only 7 QSO on SSB and about 60 on FT8 last night.








40m last night is coming


4th April will be the last night when I operate on 40m. Probably FT8 or RTTY...

And for 5th April I will try to rebuild antenna for 60m. Last chance for laggards who missed my first days operation.







Closer look on slopers 15/20m





Adding 20/15m antenna

Becuse of strong wind I cannot put up VDA for 15/20m. Instead I managed to hang sloping dipols for these bands. I hope they will work....On photo above you can see all my antennas: 2 element vertical for 40m, mast of sloping dipoles for 15/20m and VDA for 12/17m. Amplifier is damaged, so now operation is only 50W on FT8 and 100W on SBB.



Windy weather

I was lucky to have first day on the island with rather medium wind. Day after putting up antennas was more windy and from that time speed of wind is between 27-36 km/h. It makes  planned antenna change (20/15m instead of 17/12m) not possible. Maybe on Friday wind will allow me to modify antenna setup.




CQ WPX SSB Contest

I will participate in the contest as Single Operator 40m entry if my antenna survive...

Antenna is in good shape but transceiver is transmitting distorted signal in SSB and higher driving power is needed to control amplifier. Probably Icom needs repairing... I gave up with WPX contest.








Closer look at my VDA antenna





Limited space for antennas

My QTH in Saint Martin has very little space for antennas. I will operate until Friday 26th March on 60, 30, 17 and 12m. From the middle of next week operation will be on 40, 30, 20 and 15 meter bands.

My operation and your joy is dependent on local managers of Nettle Bay Beach Club.

Let's hope they care about good publicity...





Attention to JA stations

Propagation window from Saint Martin to Japan is very short. Please do not call me from USA/Canada when I am calling Japan.



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